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At DGTL, we believe that successful people never stop learning. This section provides a forum for professional discussion, where we share news, insights and the latest IT developments. We always welcome guest contributors - so please get in touch to share your thoughts and input with us.

DGTL Intelligent WhatsApp integrated AI Chatbot Solution for One of the Leading Manufacturing Company

In the account payables process, there are various levels of interaction which a supplier does with organizations. Most of these interactions are limited to knowing the status of invoices, status of orders, inventory cycle. Organizations have to invest into dedicated team members(s) to cater to these business calls. Some of the features of the  chatbot  include: Status of Invoice, Payment Advice, Bank Ref/UTR details, Mapped email IDs, Reason for Rejection/Exception, Debit Note Download, Non-PO Invoice Status, Ret/SD Release, Advance Payments and More Help.

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Smart Security Management System 

For India’s only and world’s leading Zinc-Lead-Silver producer

Security was a major point of concern for client . The current security progressions were done manually and had more non-digitalized interventions. There was no structure to generate the reports for all security operations and no dashboard to view and analyze the live status of various security processes.

Therefore, the primary business goal was to have an integrated system for all the security-related processes and systems.

DGTL implemented an integrated web application with Native Mobile App for all the automation of security-related processes and systems at client. Some of them include:

  • Security Incident Reporting Module with CAPA

  • Security Manpower Deployment

  • GPS Based Security Patrolling

  • Security Mock Drill

  • Security Guard Duty Validation

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India's Leading provider of  Specialty ingredients and solvents catering to diverse end-market sectors like pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, food packaging, pigments and coatings.

DGTL partnered with a leading specialty chemical manufacturer for the development of the SAP Fiori Mobile App. We will be supporting the sales team with an integrated customer complaint management system and the manufacturing team in identifying the root cause of complaints and take corrective action. We will also be providing our support to the business with better data on customer complaints and their resolution time frames and deploy an integrated solution with the SAP ERP environment to reduce the TCO.

Some of the Customer Complaint Management App Features: 

  • Forms display for all stages

  • Workflow for all approval and submit actions

  • Final action status update for each approved complaint request

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AIchatbot Solution

DGTL Innovations Chatbot Solution Enhances Vendor experience and Improves efficiency

The Customer:
Customer is India’s largest and world’s second largest zinc-lead miner. They are also the 6th largest silver producers globally with an annual capacity of 800 MT

Business Challenge
In the account payables process, there are various levels of interaction which a supplier does with organizations. Most of these interactions are limited to knowing the status of invoices, status of orders, inventory cycle.Organizations have to invest into dedicated team members(s) to cater to these business calls.

The Solution:
RoboS | Response on Behalf of Shared Services

A chatbot can query to multiple backend environment like SAP, ARIBA, NewGEN, Opentext based on the customer environment and provide the data at real time to the suppliers. This will reduce the redundant effort required to provide these details to the supplier. The chatbot can be trained further for the entire P2P cycle and guide suppliers with RFP or any other processes. The chatbot can be extended to the employees associated with the procurement processes also to help them in getting the details at real time using a friendly UI, hosted on any of the collaboration solutions, thus removing the need to log in to multiple systems for the details

• Status of Invoice: This will show you status of your invoices.
• Payment Advice: Enables you to view the details of payment with option to download the payment advices
• Bank Ref/UTR details: Enables you to view the Bank Ref/UTR number of your past payments
• Mapped email Ids: Displays the email ids registered with HZL for your supplier code
• Reason for Rejection/Exception: Provides the details of exception/rejection and contact person with whom you can connect for any clarifications.
• Debit Note Download: Allows you to download the debit note
• Non-PO Invoice Status: Display status of all invoices raised without reference of PO in last 06 months
• Ret/SD Release: Display details of any retention payments released over last 06 months
• Advance Payments: Display details of any advance payments made over last 06 months
• More Help: Provides an interactive help document.

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Custom PWA Application For Plantation Management 

Design & Development of Plantation Management Portal for India’s only and world’s leading Zinc-Lead-Silver producer

The Customer

India's largest and world's second-largest zinc-lead miner, Hindustan Zinc acquires more than 50 years of operation experience in offering top-notch safety and conservation of scarce natural resources; all conducted through technology and innovation.

The main aspect of the company's flourishing ascent is achieving the movement of sustainability throughout the group companies of Vedanta Limited.

The objective of The Tree Plantation


The company is already flourishing with its higher steps to reaching the sustainability ladder. Making every possible move to safeguarding the environment and spreading awareness. The ideology with HZL Tree Plantation Project purely emphasizes the importance of planting trees both by stakeholders and their employees.

  • Every individual becomes a part of Vedanta’s effort  through a virtual drive for tree plantation.

  • The trees planted will be native species. And that will be the venture of taking small steps to the conversation of Mother Nature.

  • All the participants becoming part of the integral project will be certified and acknowledged for their deemed efforts.

Business Challenge -

The process of the Tree Plantation Project needs to be conducted stepwise. HZL needed a platform where people (employees and stakeholders alike) will be registering themselves for the plantation of the sapling. But the registration needs to be approved for the plantation area to commence with the process of planting.

The next process heads to selecting the right area with the right facilities needed for a tree to grow healthy and survive over the years. With that, the professionals associated with the project will lead through the treatment of the soil, add manure, and dig deep for the plantation. And all the maintenance will be done until the tree is headstrong. While this is all into the process, the planter will be notified of their plant growth at the periodical interval. But all of this could not be done in person. Because of the most obvious reasons. Associating with DGTL, they came across the ideation of web app development functioning on the different factors  - User Request, Tracking Growth and managing the plantations. Understanding the loop process, the chain is never-ending. Thus, DGTL Innovations looked up the innovative strategy for the development of HZL's Vedanta Web App.

The Solution

To curate the structure right the way it was envisioned, the process commenced with the wireframing and development of User Module Functioning followed by Admin Module functioning. With a user-friendly intuitive design, there has been the implementation of the user module, available both on smartphones and on the website. 

The module curated is defined as the process conducted by the user. This includes -

  • Dashboard - Summarizing Actions with a graph view

  • Pending Plantation Request - Sending to the approval request for the next proceeding

  • Approved Request - Approving the status and reviewing to update the planting changes

  • Tracking Update - Pending tracking updates will be reviewed and analyzed

  • Tree Gallery - Uploading pictures of the trees for the user to view

  • Reports - Covering all the above-segmented reporting for transparent functioning

  • Feedbacks - feedback or report date by the user showcased here

  • Under Access - option to assign/remove admin role to portal users

  • The main functioning is mostly focused on the dashboard and the pending request section. The former summarizes all the actions taken for approving requests of the user. The Admins reviews the approval and rejection of the plantation request.

Benefits of the Project

The web application development by DGTL has taken a new leap to think virtually for a greener tomorrow. A new ray of hope towards sustainability development, the flow of transparent communication and the incorporation of the modern technological input to the final output will make way for achieving the goals right on point as envisioned by HZL.

The development of the application enhanced the efficiency of the functioning on both ends of the Tree Plantation Involvement (User end and Admin Team). The application and associated benedictions have marked a new venture for HZL's ideology of sustainable development to create an impact, not only in the business industry but also among people

A few of the core features of the web portal include: 

  • Manage plantation process and request

  • Direct social media sharing option

  • Report for compliance purpose

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Powerful Computer

DGTL IoT Solution Enhances customer experience and Improves efficiency

DGTL partnered with Terratest for Mobile Apps & IOT Solution . Terratest is an international construction group, a leader in special foundations, soil improvement, micro tunneling and the environmental sector. They offer solutions covering the entire range of geotechnical works, providing comprehensive solutions to geotechnical problems. Terratest is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of equipment to test soil bearing capacity and compaction testing. One of the equipment that Terratest manufactures is lightweight deflectometer. Used by civil engineers to test soil bearing capacity and compaction testing. It is operated in constructions sites like in earthworks, road construction, pipeline construction etc.

Business Challenge
The light weight deflectometer, needs to be carried in the field. To record the test measurements from the equipment, engineer needs to carry a mini-computer to record the test data and then download the data on a personal computer to transmit it to the client premises. This whole procedure was adding inefficiency in work and resulted in reduced usability of the equipment. Connector sockets on the deflectometer used to connect with the mini-computer were getting damaged constantly due to harsh operating conditions, resulting in lost working hours and expensive repairs.
Terratest wanted to overcome these challenges to give better user experience to its customers. Realizing that IoT has been proving valuable in driving customer experience and operational efficiency across sectors, Terratest decided to approach DGTL for an optimal solution.

The Solution:
To improve the overall usability of the equipment and efficiency of usage, Bluetooth technology, with its extended range, increased speed, and low power consumption was chosen for deflectometer device. Minicomputer was eventually replaced by mobile devices Very intuitive user interface via mobile device (Mobile App) resulted in huge advantage on the construction site because the measuring computer was not needed next to the mechanics. No physical wires and no physical connections ensured that equipment was not damaged during operations.
With the help of the mobile app the field personnel can now
1. Carry out test measurements without the need to carry a bulky mini-computer
2. Better manage the test measurement data for multiple customers
3. Generate test report and email to stakeholders immediately from the field.
4. Import old test records in the mobile app using WIFI-Enabled USB drive.

TERRATEST Mobile App is available for both Android and iOS platform.

Mobile app developed by DGTL improved the overall user experience in terms of equipment usage and the compactness of the equipment to be carried to the field. Communicating the result data is easier as the required documents/data can now be emailed from within the app, so better and faster analysis and reporting is now possible. Test measurement from the equipment can now be better managed as tests can be identified specific to customer profile. The new mobile app improved the overall efficiency of the engineer using the deflectometer. This app and associated benefits have helped TERRATEST stay ahead of the competition and continue its dominance in the construction space.

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Customized E-Commerce Portal Development

Mustang Socks is an acclaimed line of socks and accessories company in India. We worked with Mustang to design an e-commerce website that was minimal, upscale, and easy to navigate for its customers. Every detail of the site was designed to allow the product photography to shine and optimize the user experience to help their e-com business flourish.​

DGTL deployed a custom E-commerce platform that was built on LAMP technologies, which was configurable and easy to deploy. The solution led Mustang to have a customized storefront along with an easy-to-manage backend that effectively frees up the entrepreneur from dependence on external IT vendors.

Benefits Mustang Enterprises generated out of the project are: 

  • Multiple products and categories

  • Improved customer service

  • Simpler payment options

  • Better user experience

  • Easy Navigation

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