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DGTL's Expertise in Elevating Brand Presence for Mustang Premium Socks (POC)

From establishing a strong online presence to rebranding efforts and engaging social media campaigns, the partnership led to increased visibility, traffic, and conversions, solidifying Mustang's position in the competitive e-commerce landscape.


The Customer  

A manufacturer specializing in the production of high-quality combed cotton yarn socks with reinforced toe-heel, offering a diverse range of socks and accessories for all age groups. The brand received positive feedback and online exposure through its e-commerce platform. 

Business Challenge  

The leading premium socks brand faced the challenge of establishing a robust online presence and effectively showcasing its premium sock collection. The goal was not only to gain quality feedback but also to increase visibility, attract a wider audience, and drive conversions in the competitive e-commerce space. 

  • Online Visibility: Despite quality products, the brand struggled to gain sufficient online visibility and traction. 

  • Branding and Positioning: There was a need to establish a distinct brand image and positioning in a competitive market. 

The Solution 


Leveraging the brand's exceptional designs and quality products as inspiration, our team initiated a comprehensive rebranding effort. A simple yet powerful concept emerged, featuring the letter 'M' ingeniously interpreted within a sock. This POC included innovative approach revitalized its brand identity, resonating deeply with the audience. 


Rebranding & Positioning: 

  • DGTL's dedicated team of professionals worked on rebranding , focusing on the fusion of the right colors and outlook to create a brand image that speaks for itself. 

  • In this POC, the rebranding effort aimed to enhance the overall perception of the brand as a premium sock manufacturer. The new Identity comes across as more warm, cozy and appealing while crafting more recognisable Logomark, across all physical as well as digital platforms.


Brand Identity & Collaterals : 

  • DGTL's approach included defining the brand narrative, identity, visual design, packaging design, user experience, and communication guide. 

  • Through design thinking, DGTL recognized the personal significance of socks in daily life and leveraged the brand's designs to refresh its brand identity. 

  • Furthermore, in our POC, we curated some fresh collaterals that will blend in right with the brand's vision and hence attract consumers towards the premium brand.

Benefits of DGTL’s Branding Services

Enhanced Branding and Positioning:

  • DGTL's rebranding efforts resulted in a more cohesive and compelling brand image, helping the brand stand out in the competitive market. 

Improved Online Presence:

  • Innovative outlook on the brand identity made way for strong online presence on platforms like Instagram drove quality leads and improved conversion rates. 


DGTL's strategic approach to branding played a pivotal role in transforming Premium Sock manufacturer's online presence and driving business growth. The collaboration highlights the power of effective digital strategies in elevating brand visibility, and achieving marketing objectives in the competitive e-commerce landscape. 

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