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Customer Relationship Management 

Experience DGTL's innovative platform merging CRM and ERP, offering a holistic customer perspective. Our seamless data synchronization guarantees precision, aiding informed decisions, and amplifying productivity. Our mobile interface expedites contract approvals and empowers the mobile workforce. Eliminate redundant training costs with our unified CRM and ERP training, saving time. DGTL's solution ensures streamlined workflows, less manual labor, and enhanced customer interactions. 



Businesses struggle to centralize and manage customer data efficiently, leading to scattered information across multiple systems or spreadsheets. 

Disorganized Customer Data

Hampered lead tracking, sales pipeline management, and follow-up processes, resulting in missed opportunities and slower sales cycles.

Inefficient Sales Processes

Restricted understanding in customer behaviors, preferences hindering targeted marketing efforts and personalized interactions.

Limited Customer InsightS

Communication between sales, marketing, and customer support becomes disjointed, impacting collaboration and customer service. 

Poor Communication Coordination

Ineffective Reporting and Analysis

Prevented data-driven decision-making, hindering performance evaluation and strategic planning. 


Centralized Data Management

CRM centralizes customer data, ensuring organized and accessible information for efficient management and retrieval by businesses.


CRM automation streamlines lead tracking, sales pipeline, and follow-ups, enhancing team productivity and sales cycles.


Automated Sales Processes


Enhanced Customer Insights

Offer vital customer insights, enabling to grasp behaviors, preferences, and trends for targeted marketing and personalized interactions.


Improved Communication Coordination

Seamless communication among teams, ensuring information sharing and cohesive customer service delivery.


Data-Driven Decision-Making

Detailed reporting and analysis, enabling data-driven decisions, performance evaluation, and informed strategic planning.

Features of Integrating CRM  

noun-attendance-3649888 (1).png

Geo Attendance

Allows remote attendance marking with geo-authentication, QR codes, or selfies, providing comprehensive reports for field workforce. 

noun-telescope-spy-63209 (1).png

Distance Monitoring

Monitors on-field staff travel for efficiency assessment and precise expense reimbursement, capturing data silently and offering daily activity reports. 

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Real-time Field Activity Entry

Enables on-field activity input, offering real-time central office data, eliminating paper records, and enhancing performance measurement. 

noun-data-collection-2475086 (1).png

SMART Data Collection

Provides a mobile app for on-the-go data collection, eliminating paper, enabling real-time sharing, and easy report generation. 

noun-time-tracking-4735600 (1).png

Track & Territory Management

Tracks fieldwork with real-time location reports, beat plans, geo-fencing, and travel expense management for efficient field operations. 

Conducts simulated security drills to evaluate and improve the responsiveness and effectiveness of security protocols. 

noun-pay-3893505 (1).png

Order and Payment Collection

Enables easy order placement, payment, item selection, discounts, and instant invoice generation, streamlining sales workflows. 

noun-customer-relation-1914663 (1).png

Sales CRM

Records, tracks, and monitors real-time customer activities, providing dashboards, reports, instant capture, and employee geo-location tracking.

noun-marketing-automation-3636816 (1).png

Van Sales Automation

Handles complete van sales, offering smart systems, inventory updates, mobile invoice creation, and streamlined order/payment collection. 

CRM Process Flow

Benefits of Integrating CRM Automation Solution 

360-Degree Customer View

Integrating CRM and ERP provides a unified customer perspective, enhancing insights and customer-centric strategies. 

Data Consistency

Eliminates duplicate data by synchronizing CRM and ERP systems, ensuring real-time and accurate customer information across platforms. 

Enhanced Collaboration

Integrated systems improve team cooperation, offering up-to-date data for higher productivity and effective outcomes. 

Real-time data aids quick contract approvals and boosts workforce mobility, leading to faster processes and maximizing business opportunities. 

Mobile Accessibility

Unified training for CRM and ERP reduces training time and expenses, while automation cuts manual tasks, saving time and resources. 

Cost Efficiency

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