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News Update

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Join our Webinar : Elevate Sustainability by Achieving Net Zero Carbon Goals

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming webinar hosted by DGTL Green, focused on advancing sustainability through innovative plantation management. Join us for an insightful session that promises to deliver cutting-edge strategies and expert insights on achieving Net Zero Carbon Goals.


New Win : DGTL and Transforming User Experience for Top Indian Newspaper!

DGTL & join forces to revolutionize user experience for a top Indian Newspaper! Our NLP Chatbot integration is set to redefine how users engage with news content, offering seamless conversations tailored to their needs.  Stay tuned for a game-changing interaction with news like never before!

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Join our Webinar : Dive into the Future of Automotive CX with Conversational AI!

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming webinar focusing on revolutionizing automotive customer experience (CX) with Conversational AI presented by DGTL in association with


Join us on 18th April at 4pm for insights, real case studies, and interactive sessions. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your auto business! Register now to secure your spot. 

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DGTL's media coverage, highlighted by Capacity Media in the UK, underscores the significance of this deployment.


DGTL Innovations, a frontrunner in digital transformation, has unveiled a groundbreaking development: the deployment of RoboS, an advanced chatbot platform, tailored specifically for India's largest zinc-lead miner.

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DGTL's Success: NLP VoiceBot Integration for India’s Top OTT Platform 

DGTL Innovation, in collaboration with, the global leader in CX automation, has successfully deployed NLP voice bots for India's foremost OTT streaming platform. This integration brings seamless automated conversations tailored to meet business objectives across multiple channels. 

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DGTL's Strategic Partnership with Samespace: Pioneering Digital Evolution

This collaboration aims to revolutionize customer interactions by integrating AI-powered contact center solutions. By combining AI, CRM, Data Analytics, and Speech Analytics, DGTL and Samespace are set to elevate conversational experiences within contact centers.

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DGTL and Join Forces for Enhanced Customer Experience

With this strategic collaboration, we aim to streamline communication processes and create a seamless, highly personalized journey for your customers. Imagine effortlessly guiding your customers through their queries and needs with smart technology that understands their context and preferences, leading to faster resolutions and improved satisfaction rates.

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