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New Win: NLP VoiceBot Integration for India’s Top OTT Platform

Revolutionizing Conversational AI for India's Premier OTT Platform

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-31 at 14.19.55_48eeb443.jpg

DGTL Innovation, in collaboration with, the global leader in CX automation, has successfully deployed NLP voice bots for India's foremost OTT streaming platform. This integration brings seamless automated conversations tailored to meet business objectives across multiple channels. 


This transformative endeavor, undertaken by DGTL INNOVATIONS LLP and, marks a pioneering effort in designing, developing, integrating, and testing NLP VoiceBots. These bots, operating within specified communication channels, offer a blend of journey-based interactions, in-journey steps, and comprehensive FAQs. Each element is finely tuned to provide users with an intuitive conversational experience aligned with the project's business goals. 


As partners in this venture, DGTL Innovation and aim to enhance the user experience within India's largest premium streaming service. The deployment of sophisticated Conversational AI promises a new era of user engagement, simplifying interactions and aligning them with the platform's overarching objectives. 


This collaboration exemplifies DGTL's commitment to cutting-edge innovation and's expertise in creating tailored conversational solutions for global enterprises.  


Stay tuned for further advancements in elevating customer experiences through AI-driven conversations. 

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