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A survey by Drift found that
64% of internet users expect
24/7 online customer service.  

In today's business landscape, harmonizing lead generation, marketing, and customer support is a formidable challenge. Managing diverse data and ensuring personalized interactions is complex without automation. Chatbots and marketing platforms streamline processes, enabling seamless synchronization of efforts. DGTL's integrated approach elevates business performance and customer satisfaction, underscoring the essential role of automation in modern strategies. a legal requirement but also a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety and efficiency of industrial operations. 




Companies often face a surge in routine and repetitive customer queries, straining resources and hindering timely responses. 

High Volume of Repetitive Queries


Traditional customer service models may struggle to provide around-the-clock support, potentially leading to dissatisfaction among customers seeking assistance outside regular business hours. 

24/7 Availability


Human agents may provide inconsistent information due to varying levels of expertise, causing potential confusion and frustration among customers.

Inconsistent Responses


Extended wait times in customer service queues can lead to a negative customer experience, impacting satisfaction and loyalty. 

Long Wait Times


Language Barriers

Serving a diverse customer base poses challenges in addressing language differences, resulting in communication gaps that hinder effective support. 


Personalization Challenges

Achieving personalized interactions manually is challenging, resulting in a less engaging and tailored experience for customers. 

Seamless Integration of AI Chatbots, VoiceBots, and Marketing Automation 

Conversational AI Chatbots to handle routine queries, reducing resource strain and ensuring prompt responses. 

Automated Query Handling


Consistent Information Delivery

Leverage Conversational AI Chatbots ensure consistent and accurate responses, mitigating the risk of misinformation from varying levels of human expertise. 

Integrating Chatbot/VoiceBots automation serves for continuous customer support, addressing concerns outside regular business hours and enhancing accessibility. 


24/7 Support


Efficient Wait Time Reduction

Utilizing Conversational AI (Chatbot/VoiceBot) to instantly engage with customers, minimizing wait times in queues and enhancing overall customer service efficiency. 


Multilingual Support and Personalization

Integrating language capabilities in Chatbots and VoiceBots to overcome language barriers and provide effective support. Using Marketing Automation to analyze customer data for personalized interactions, creating a tailored customer experience. 


Strategic Peak Traffic Management

Employ Marketing Automation tools to strategically plan and manage marketing campaigns during peak periods, ensuring customer service teams can handle increased interactions effectively. 


Omnichannel Experience

Employing an Omnichannel approach, offering a unified and consistent customer experience across diverse platforms, from social media to messaging apps, ensuring heightened customer satisfaction and engagement. 

Features of Conversational AI Chatbot 

Chatbots equipped with NLP capabilities can understand and interpret user input in natural language, allowing for more human-like conversations. 

Features of VoiceBot

Voicebot functionality enables hands-free, voice-activated interactions with technology, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience

AI assistants, including voicebots, must excel in understanding user intent, requiring the ability to actively listen, process, and respond coherently during conversations. 

Features of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation functionality streamlines and automates marketing tasks to enhance efficiency, target audience engagement, and optimize overall marketing performance.

Automate lead generation and nurturing by capturing leads through online forms, assigning scores based on behavior, and segmenting them for targeted engagement. 

The Synergy of Conversational AI and Marketing Automation 

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Conversational AI, including chatbots and voicebots, coupled with marketing automation, facilitates interactive and personalized communication, leading to increased customer engagement and satisfaction. 

24/7 Availability and Instant Response

Chatbots and voicebots provide round-the-clock availability, ensuring instant responses to customer inquiries and facilitating lead generation even outside regular business hours. 

Efficient Lead Generation and Nurturing

Marketing automation streamlines lead generation processes, while conversational AI qualifies leads in real-time through interactive conversations, optimizing the entire lead lifecycle.

The combination of conversational AI and marketing automation reduces the need for manual intervention in customer service and marketing tasks, resulting in cost savings and improved operational efficiency. 

Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency

Both conversational AI and marketing automation platforms provide valuable data and analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making and the creation of highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. 

Data-Driven Insights and Targeted Campaigns

Integrating chatbots, voicebots, and marketing automation allows for consistent communication across various channels, providing a unified customer experience and reinforcing brand consistency. 

Seamless Multi-Channel Communication


Case Studies


Implementing  VoiceBots  for Leading OTT & Streaming Company ​​


DGTL’s Chatbot Solution Elevating Vendor Experience



Intelligent WhatsApp-Bot Empowers a Leading Manufacturing Company  ​​

 Chatbot for Banking & BFSI 

Transform banking with AIChatbot: Seamless customer acquisition, loan disbursement, e-statements, FAQs, easy transfers, personalized solutions, sales driving, fraud detection, 24/7 multilingual support, critical insights, and collections. Elevate the integrated customer experience across all banking operations. 

Chatbot for E-Commerce  

Supercharge your business growth with conversational AI! Our Intelligent Virtual Assistance ensures 3X revenue increase through lead generation, retargeting, cross-selling, 24/7 support, personalized campaigns, and sales-boosting features. Elevate customer experience with tailored recommendations and personalized engagement. 


Chat & VoiceBot for Media & Entertainment 

Elevate entertainment industry efficiency with AI Chatbot: In-App subscription reminders, authentic customer connections, character impersonation, and multilingual conversations in 120+ languages

Chatbot  for Real Estate

Supercharge your business growth with conversational AI! Our Intelligent Virtual Assistance ensures 3X revenue increase through lead generation, retargeting, cross-selling, 24/7 support, personalized campaigns, and sales-boosting features. Elevate customer experience with tailored recommendations and personalized engagement. 

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