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E-Procurement Solution 

DGTL's E-Procurement solution is tailored to address prevalent business challenges; streamlines operations, offering automation for faster processing and negotiation tools for cost-saving opportunities. Our solution empowers data-driven decisions and strengthens supplier relationships, fostering collaboration. Designed to optimize processes and drive growth, DGTL's E-Procurement stands as an innovative toolset for businesses seeking streamlined, efficient procurement solutions. 



Manual procurement processes lead to inefficiencies, including slower processing times, increased paperwork, and higher chances of errors, impacting overall operational productivity. 

Operational Inefficiencies

Businesses are missing out on potential cost-saving opportunities like bulk discounts, better negotiation terms, and streamlined supplier management. 

Missed Cost-Saving Opportunities

Manual processes lack transparency, making it difficult to track spending, monitor supplier performance, and enforce compliance.

Limited Visibility and Control

Manual data entry increases the risk of errors in orders and invoices, leading to potential compliance issues, payment delays, and disruptions in the supply chain. 

Risk of Errors and Compliance Issues

Lack of Data-Driven Insights

Absence of real-time data and analytics hinders businesses from making informed decisions, optimizing procurement strategies, and identifying opportunities for improvement within their processes


Operational Efficiency 

Streamline purchasing, reducing manual tasks for faster processing. Automation deployment gives seamless approvals enhancing procurement cycle.  


Bring all purchasing activities together for streamlined operations, enhanced visibility, and improved control over spending, contracts, and suppliers 


Unified Procurement Platform 


Enhance Supplier Relationships 

Cultivate transparent, collaborative partnerships via the e-procurement system, enabling seamless communication, negotiation, and mutual benefit. 


Real-time Analytics 

Gain insights into spending patterns, supplier performance, and compliance adherence through real-time analytics, providing better visibility into procurement activities. 


Strategic Supplier Relationships 

Build stronger and more strategic relationships with suppliers by having better insights into their performance, fostering collaboration, and ensuring mutual success. 


Ensuring Data Security 

Prioritizing data security and building trust among consumers, thereby addressing privacy concerns effectively. 

Features of  E-Procurement


Purchase Requisitioning

Initiate and manage purchase requisitions, orders, and track delivery to streamline procurement processes. 


Vendor Management

Handling invoices to match them with orders and manage vendor information for efficient billing and supplier relationships. 


Sourcing & Supplier Integration

Simplify supplier identification, negotiations, and contract management for sourcing goods/services with seamless integration. 


Spend Analytics & Reporting

Access spend analytics, providing insights into spending trends and performance for strategic decision-making. 


Digital Application Platform

Utilize a comprehensive digital platform for centralized procurement management, offering accessibility and efficiency. 

Conducts simulated security drills to evaluate and improve the responsiveness and effectiveness of security protocols. 


Vendor+WhatsApp Bot

Streamline tracking with analying visitor trends at various locations for better security planning and resource allocation. 


Powerful Integration & Analytics

Seamlessly integrate with various systems and leverage robust analytics tools for comprehensive data-driven insights. 

Benefits of E-Procurement Solution

Procure-to-Pay Solution

Seamless integration into your procurement processes, offering swift purchase approvals and vendor engagement. 

Real-time Insights

Empowers informed decision-making with live spend analytics and holistic automation of supplier processes for streamlined operations. 

Platform for Efficiency

Real-time collaboration among project owners, procurement teams, and vendors, ensuring transparency and accountability. 

Easily integrates with financial systems, third-party tools, and SAP-certified for quick implementation within 4-6 weeks. 

Efficient Integration

Ensures a connected approach to streamline operations, enhancing supply chain efficiency and organizational connectivity. 

Supply Chain Connectivity


Case Studies

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