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Secure, Scan, and Succeed! Elevate Cylinder Distribution with RFID, Barcode, and QR Code Permanence. 

In the context of the Gas Cylinder Rules 2022, it is imperative for industries to adhere to strict regulations and guidelines regarding the distribution, management, and utilization of gas cylinders. Compliance with these rules is not only a legal requirement but also a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety and efficiency of industrial operations. 




Industries must navigate the complexities of the Gas Cylinder Rules 2022, ensuring full compliance with regulations, including safe storage, handling, and transportation of gas cylinders.

Regulatory Compliance


Efficient tracking and management of gas cylinder inventory are essential to avoid shortages, reduce wastage, and optimize resource allocation. 

Inventory Management


The safety of personnel and the workplace is paramount. Adhering to safety protocols and ensuring cylinders are in proper condition is a significant challenge. 

Safety Measures


Streamlining the distribution process to ensure timely delivery, easy retrieval, and effective allocation of gas cylinders can be a logistical challenge.

Distribution Efficiency


Documentation and Record-keeping

Keeping comprehensive records of cylinder movements, usage, inspections, and maintenance is vital for compliance and auditing. 

Gas Cylinder Compliance Made Easy  

DGTL’s in-house cylinder distribution management app serves as a boon for industries enhancing safety and optimizing cylinder distribution for improved operational efficiency. 

Digital Tracking Systems

Keeping comprehensive records of cylinder movements, usage, inspections, and maintenance is vital for compliance and auditing. 


Regular safety audits and inspections of cylinders are necessary to ensure compliance with safety standards. 


Safety Audits


Distribution Optimization

Implement route optimization and scheduling software for efficient cylinder distribution.


Compliance Training:

Train staff on Gas Cylinder Rules 2022 and conduct regular awareness programs to instill a culture of safety and compliance. 


Document Management Software

Utilize document management software to maintain accurate records, inspections, and maintenance histories. 

Features of  Barcode / QR Scanner


Cylinder Identification  

Each cylinder is labeled with a unique barcode or QR code, ensuring accurate tracking during distribution, reducing errors, and enhancing identification.

Inventory Tracking

Offering real-time inventory tracking to monitor cylinders’ status and quantity in stock, preventing shortages and overstocking, maintaining a consistent cylinder supply. 

and shifts. 


Distribution History

The system archives distribution history, including date, time, and recipient data for auditing, accountability, and efficient supply chain management. 


Authentication and Verification

Scanning barcodes and QR codes authenticates cylinders, guaranteeing safety by preventing expired or counterfeit use. 


 Alerts and Notifications

Alerts notify of low stock, imminent cylinder expirations, and overdue maintenance. Proactive management of inventory and maintenance schedules is facilitated by these timely notifications. 


Reporting and Analytics

Reports and analytics offer insights into distribution patterns, usage trends, and efficiency. They inform decisions, optimize distribution, and identify areas for improvement. 

Features of  RFID


Real-Time Tracking

RFID enables real-time tracking of cylinder movements, providing instant visibility into their locations and status, whether in storage, distribution, or use. 


Automatic Identification

RFID tags on cylinders allow for automatic and contactless identification, reducing the need for manual data entry and minimizing human errors. 


Data Security

RFID technology often comes with encryption and authentication features, enhancing the security and privacy of tracking data, crucial in sensitive applications like healthcare or hazardous gas distribution.

Auditing and Compliance

RFID records a comprehensive history of cylinder movements and usage, aiding in compliance with industry regulations and facilitating audit trials for accountability. 


Integration with Other Systems:  

RFID simplifies inventory management by automating the tracking of cylinder quantities, which can help prevent stockouts and overstocking. 


Efficient Inventory Management

RFID systems can integrate seamlessly with other enterprise software, such as inventory management, billing, and maintenance systems, streamlining operations and data sharing. 

How cylinder management works (1).png

Case Studies

Benefits of Cylinder Distribution Tracking

Improved Efficiency

Automation of tracking and inventory management reduces manual effort, streamlining distribution processes. 

Enhanced Accuracy

Real-time tracking reduces errors, ensuring the right cylinders are distributed, and reducing safety risks. 

Optimized Inventory

Precise inventory data helps prevent stockouts and overstocking, leading to cost savings and improved customer service. 

Authentication features enhance safety by ensuring only authorized cylinders are used, reducing risks of counterfeit or expired products. 

Increased Security

Maintaining a distribution history aids in compliance with industry regulations, offering transparency and accountability. 

Compliance and Accountability

Authentication features enhance safety by ensuring only authorized cylinders are used, reducing risks of counterfeit or expired products. 

Increased Security

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