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 Smart Security Management Solution 

Businesses face challenges with non-digitalized security, manual processes, and unstructured reporting. DGTL’s Smart Security Management solution addresses these by integrating digital interventions, automating processes, and introducing live monitoring dashboards, ensuring better resource allocation and proactive security measures for a safer environment. 


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Current security systems rely heavily on non-digital methods, limiting efficiency and responsiveness. 

Non-digitalized Interventions

Security progressions are predominantly manual, posing risks of human error and inefficiency. 

Manual Security Processes

Absence of a structured reporting system for all security operations hinders comprehensive analysis. 

Lack of Reporting Structure

Lack of a real-time dashboard prevents immediate monitoring and analysis of various security processes. 

Absence of Live Dashboard

Integrated System Requirement

The absence of an integrated system hampers overall security management and control.

Bridging the Gaps with Smart Security Management Solution 

Digitalized Interventions

Smart Security Management introduces digital interventions for enhanced accuracy and effectiveness. 


Implementing Smart Security Management automates processes to reduce reliance on manual interventions. 


Automated Security Processes


Enhanced Reporting Structure

Our custom Security Management solution establishes a reporting structure for better data-driven decision-making. 


Live Dashboard

Through our solution, you’re ensured a live dashboard for real-time visibility into security operations. 


Integrated System 

Aiming to create an integrated system for cohesive management of all security-related processes and systems. 

Features of DGTL’s Smart Security Management  


Security Incident Reporting Module 

Facilitating comprehensive reporting and tracking of security incidents, aiding in prompt response and resolution. 


Security Manpower Deployment

Efficient allocation with management of security personnel based on specific requirements

and shifts. 


GPS Based Security Patrolling

Utilizes GPS technology to track and monitor security patrols in real-time for accurate and efficient coverage. 


Security Guard Auto Duty Roster

Automatically generates duty rosters for security guards based on predefined criteria and shifts. 


Security Guard Duty Validation

Validates and records security guard duties to ensure adherence to assigned tasks and schedules. 


Location-wise Visitor Trend

Streamline tracking with analying visitor trends at various locations for better security planning and resource allocation. 


Electronic Security Surveillance Health Status

Monitoring in addition to assessing the operational status of electronic security surveillance systems for optimal functionality and maintenance. 


Security Mock Drill

Conducts simulated security drills to evaluate and improve the responsiveness and effectiveness of security protocols. 

Advantages of Embracing Our Smart Security Management Solution. 

Comprehensive Monitoring and Reporting  

Facilitating extensive monitoring of vast premises ensures heightened security coverage. The Security Incident Management System (SIMS) enhances incident response by streamlining actions promptly and cohesively, minimizing potential risks. 

 Optimized Manpower Deployment

Facilitates the strategic deployment of security personnel across extensive facilities, ensuring optimal coverage based on real-time needs. 

Enhanced Duty Validation 

Improves duty validation for security personnel, vital for effective management of a large and diverse workforce. Efficiently organizes shifts for a substantial security personnel workforce, ensuring continuous coverage. 

Monitors and records visitor movements across multiple entry points, enhancing control and awareness. 

Visitor Tracking at Scale 

Enables large-scale, effective training sessions and mock drills for a substantial security workforce. 

Effective Training and Drills:

Utilizes advanced surveillance technologies across extensive areas, improving overall security measures. 

Advanced Security Surveillance

Patrolling and Observation Management 

Optimizes patrolling by streamlining navigation for large teams, improves incident reporting through systematic categorization and review, and enables real-time observation management for immediate action in complex business environments. 


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