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Businesses face intricate challenges—complex processes, outdated tech, limited data integration, scalability constraints, resource inefficiencies, and compliance hurdles. DGTL’s SAP Consulting Services offer strategic solutions by modernizing tech, optimizing workflows, enhancing data visibility, enabling scalability, and ensuring compliance readiness. Tailored SAP solutions streamline operations, foster innovation, and empower informed decision-making, facilitating sustainable growth. 

SAP Consulting  


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Businesses often struggle with complex processes, hindering operational efficiency and decision-making. 

Complex Business Processes

Legacy systems pose compatibility problems, limiting integration and growth potential. 

Outdated Technology and Compatibility Issues

Inadequate data integration across departments hampers comprehensive insights and strategic planning. 

Limited Data Visibility and Integration

Fixed systems struggle to scale, hindering adaptability to evolving business needs and growth. 

Scalability and Adaptability Constraints

Inefficient Resource Utilization

Inefficient allocation of resources impacts productivity and operational costs. 

Compliance and Regulatory Adherence

Staying compliant with evolving regulations poses significant challenges. 

DGTL’s SAP Consulting Approach 

Exploring business complexities to streamline complex operations, optimize workflows, and improve decision-making by re-engineering processes through SAP systems 

Tailored Business Solution 


Modernizing technological infrastructure ensuring seamless integration, compatibility, and adherence to industry standards, fostering future growth and innovation. 


Modern Infrastructure 


Data Integrated Solution 

Creating a unified data environment that boosts visibility, enables real-time analytics, and encourages well-informed decision-making throughout the organization. 



Facilitate business expansion, designing systems adaptable to evolving demands and capable of expanding functionalities with business growth. 


Resource Allocation 

Improving resource allocation with better visibility, streamlined workflows, and automated processes, leading to enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 


Compliance Ready 

Ensuring adaptable systems with customized configurations that meet standards, reducing non-compliance risks. 

SAP Consulting : News & Events

DGTL SAP Services Offerings

SAP Fiori and


SAP Consulting includes expertise in implementing SAP Fiori, a user interface technology, mobility solutions, enhancing user experience & accessibility across devices. 

SAP HANA and Cloud Platform

Covering SAP HANA, a high-performance in-memory database, and the SAP Cloud Platform, offering scalability, flexibility, and innovative solutions for businesses. 

SAP Ariba


With SAP Ariba, DGTL ensures procurement and supply chain management solutions, optimizing purchasing processes and supplier collaboration. 




Enhancing custom development services tailored to specific business needs, creating bespoke solutions aligned with organizational requirements. 

Conducts simulated security drills to evaluate and improve the responsiveness and effectiveness of security protocols. 

SAP Migration

to Cloud

Conducts simulated security drills to evaluate and improve the responsiveness and effectiveness of security protocols. 

Unlocking Business Potential with SAP Integration 

Enhanced Security

SAP is a resilient, secure, and scalable system, accessible from anywhere and employing state-of-the-art encryption technology to ensure maximum security for customer data. 

Improved Cloud Computing

Recognizing the rising need for cloud-based solutions, SAP incorporates cloud computing as a pivotal component. Further allowing seamless access to CRM, ERP, and HR modules, surpassing the popularity of on-premises alternatives. 

Greater Human Resource Management

SAP provides solutions streamlining HR processes, optimizing workforce management, and fostering better work-life balance. With its user-friendly interface and robust reporting features, SAP reduces costs by reducing the need for outsourced personnel functions. 

SAP's strengths include powerful big data capabilities for comprehensive operational insights. Its features enable trend spotting and predictive analytics, crucial for business strategy.  

Enhanced Big Data Management

SAP meets IoT evolution by seamlessly integrating IoT data into its systems, empowering businesses for improved decision-making. 

Improved Internet of Things Integration


SAP leverages cutting-edge AI, utilizing extensive experience in machine learning. It enables users to create, make data-driven decisions, and stay at AI's forefront with real-time insights. 

Greater Artificial Intelligence Support

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