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Planting trees has been a cornerstone of environmental sustainability efforts by businesses and industries worldwide. However, despite their best intentions, these initiatives often fall short in several critical areas: 

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Green Plant

Companies struggle to ensure that the trees they intend to plant are actually being planted. Tracking and verifying these plantations have proven challenging. 

Accountability of Plantation

Green Plant

Many organizations cannot accurately quantify the number of trees they've planted. This opacity prevents them from showcasing their environmental contributions convincingly. 

Lack of Transparency

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Inadequate Reporting and AnalyticS

The absence of comprehensive reporting and analytics on carbon balance makes it difficult for businesses to assess the real impact of their tree planting efforts. 

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Ultimately, the failure to gather detailed reports and take meaningful steps towards meeting sustainability goals undermines the purpose of these initiatives. 

Failing Sustainability Goals

Make plantation efforts effective



Enter DGTL Green, a revolutionary plantation management app designed to address these pressing challenges. DGTL Green leverages innovation and technology to empower businesses and industries to meet their sustainability goals effectively. 

The app ensures accountability in tree planting efforts by providing real-time tracking and verification of plantation activities.


Real-Time Accountability


With DGTL Green, organizations can accurately quantify and showcase the number of trees they've planted, bolstering their environmental credentials. 


Accurate Quantification


Comprehensive Reporting

Offering robust reporting and analytics on carbon balance, allowing businesses to measure the true impact of their initiatives. 


Sustainability Excellence

By providing the tools needed to gather detailed reports and take proactive steps, DGTL Green empowers organizations to make meaningful strides towards achieving their sustainability objectives. 

In an era of heightened environmental concern, DGTL Green offers a solution to turn tree planting intentions into impactful actions. Join us in reshaping our role in a greener, sustainable future 

Features of DGTL Green  

Discover the incredible features of DGTL Green, your comprehensive Plantation Management App, designed to empower your business and your employees in the journey of responsible planting enlightening sustainable green initiatives. 


Geo-tag Plantation - Take a Virtual Tour to Your Saplings 

DGTL Green brings your saplings to life on screen, with geo-tagging for a virtual plantation tour, offering a unique, personalized connection to each plant. 


Reporting & Analytics - Measure and Improve Environmental Impact  

DGTL Green empowers action against carbon emissions. Identifying high-impact areas, gain insights into Carbon sequestration, and reduce your carbon footprint with an effective plantation campaign. 


Integrated Approach for Carbon Footprint Mitigation 

Through data analysis and app insights, we pinpoint high carbon areas, optimize resources, and enhance reforestation, maximizing carbon sequestration and plant vitality 


IoT Integration - Monitor Plant Health and Growth  

DGTL can customize Green with IoT integration ensuring successful plantation campaigns. Stay informed about plant health, receive alerts, and optimize growth—a pocket-sized plant health companion. 


3rd Party API Integration – Real-time access to garner information 

Seamlessly integrate third-party softwares for streamlined data retrieval, enhancing efficiency and ensuring real-time access to vital information.  

Customized according to your business need, DGTL Green doesn’t just serve as a web app; it’s mission is to nurture a greener, healthier planet.  


Embrace the future of plantation management with DGTL Green. Together, let's create a better world, planting one sapling at a time. 

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Benefits - Achieving Sustainability Goals with DGTL Green 

Sustainability Boost

Achieve net-zero carbon by 2070 with our plantation management app, ensuring your green initiatives align with global sustainability goals. 

Real-Time Insights

Stay informed about plantation campaigns in real-time, empowering informed decisions for a greener future. 

Employee Engagement

Enable businesses and employees to proactively participate in plantation campaigns, fostering environmental responsibility. 

Simplify carbon sequestration tracking and balance analysis with easy reporting tools, aiding in effective environmental management. 

Effortless Analytics

Identify and address potential threats like diseases or pests promptly, safeguarding your investments. 

Risk Mitigation

Green Plant
Green Plant
Green Plant
Green Plant
Green Plant

Enhance your brand's green reputation by showcasing responsible environmental practices. 

Eco-Friendly Image

Green Plant
Green Plant

Regulatory Compliance

Easily meet environmental regulations and demonstrate sustainable practices to authorities.

Green Plant

Stakeholder Transparency

Build trust with investors, customers, and communities by providing accessible data on your green initiatives. 

Green Plant

Resource Efficiency

Reduce water, fertilizer, and pesticide usage by implementing data-driven planting and care strategies. 

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Case Study

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