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DGTL MEDIA COVERAGE : Capacity Media , UK 

DGTL Revolutionizes India’s Mining Sector with Intelligent Chatbot Deployment 

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Link to the Article - DGTL Capacity Media Coverage, UK

DGTL Innovations, a frontrunner in digital transformation, has unveiled a groundbreaking development: the deployment of RoboS, an advanced chatbot platform, tailored specifically for India's largest zinc-lead miner. This innovation marks a significant leap forward in streamlining vendor and supplier interactions within the mining industry. 


RoboS, a cutting-edge self-service tool, is accessible via web and mobile platforms. It empowers suppliers by providing instant access to vital information, notably streamlining invoice inquiries and facilitating essential business functions. 


DGTL's media coverage, highlighted by Capacity Media in the UK, underscores the significance of this deployment. Built on NewGen and OpenText technologies tailored to customer environments, RoboS ensures real-time data delivery. Its versatility extends to managing the entire procure-to-pay (P2P) cycle, offering support for Request for Proposal (RFP) processes and other procurement-related activities. 


Key features of the RoboS chatbot platform include tracking invoice status, accessing payment advice, retrieving bank references and UTR details, managing email IDs, providing reasons for rejection or exceptions, downloading debit notes, checking Non-PO advice status, overseeing Ret/SD releases, handling advance payments, and more. 


DGTL's deployment of RoboS signifies a major leap toward enhancing operational efficiency and supplier support for the mining giant. This intelligent chatbot is poised to redefine how vendors and suppliers interact with core business functions, setting a new standard for streamlined and user-friendly operations. 


This advancement underscores DGTL's relentless pursuit of innovation, ushering in a new era of efficiency and collaboration in India's mining landscape. 

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