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Revolutionizing Tree Plantation Initiatives Through DGTL Green 

Understanding the cyclical nature of plantation management process, DGTL Innovations devised a creative strategy for developing the web app for India's Leading Mining Industry Company. 


The Customer  

One of the leading mining industry companies in India that boats over 50 years of operational excellence. Having a market share of 78% in India’s Zinc Industry, the mining company has been globally recognized as the 6th largest silver producer. Being committed to sustainability and innovation, the company has been looking for a long-time solution of driving sustainable economic development.  

Business Challenge  

The Tree Plantation Project required a systematic approach. The mining company sought a platform where individuals (both employees and stakeholders) could register for sapling plantation. However, registration approvals were necessary to initiate planting in designated areas. 

Subsequently, the next phase involved selecting an appropriate area with necessary facilities for the tree's optimal growth. Professionals overseeing the project took charge of soil treatment, manure addition, and deep digging for plantation. Maintenance persisted until the tree established its resilience. 

Amidst these processes, planters received periodic notifications about their plant's growth. Due to logistical challenges in managing these activities in person, DGTL proposed a web app development solution. This innovative application focused on User Requests, Tracking Growth, and overall plantation management. Understanding the cyclical nature of this process, DGTL Innovations devised a creative strategy for developing the web app for the leading mining industry company in India. 

The Solution 


To structure the envisioned system, the process initiated with wireframing and developing the User Module, followed by the Admin Module. This user-friendly, intuitive design incorporated a user module accessible on smartphones and the website. 


The user module entails several segments: 

  • User Type 

  • Selection of Tree Types and Occasions 

  • Message printing for certification 

  • Locational List displayed for selection, managed by the admin panel. 

  • Notes and remarks followed by submission. 

Upon completion, users receive a confirmation email for further involvement in the Tree Plantation Project. Once the initial planting acceptance is done, users gain access to a new functionality channel to monitor their planted tree's status. 

This functionality follows a sequential process, starting with the request section listing users. 'My Trees' lists planted trees with Geo Tags, and users receive periodic email updates about changes. The tree gallery showcases growth phases and events of the planted trees. ​


Within the admin panel, the team ensured seamless functioning without loopholes. The module crafted involves: 

  • Dashboard summarizing actions with graphical views 

  • Pending Plantation Request for approval 

  • Approved Request review and update of planting changes 

  • Tracking Update for review and analysis 

  • Tree Gallery to upload tree pictures 

  • Reports covering all segments for transparent functioning 

  • Feedback section for user reports 

  • Access for assigning/removing admin roles to portal users 

The primary focus lies on the dashboard and pending request section, summarizing actions taken for user request approval. Admins review and manage approval or rejection of plantation requests. 

Project Flow - Integrating DGTL Green

The operation of the web and mobile application is transparent and efficient. Technological enhancements, programming advancements, and a tailored strategy have significantly improved the efficiency in realizing the mining industry's vision for sustainable growth towards a greener tomorrow. Here's an overview of how the project unfolds: 

Plantation Post 1.jpg
  • Commences with user registration through a microsite, where users, including employees and stakeholders, register and submit a plantation request. 

  • Registered users have the flexibility to add new plantation requests in the following calendar months. 

  • The admin panel automatically sends email notifications to users regarding the status of each new plantation request. 

  • Admins review approvals and forward acceptances to the plantation department. 

  • The ground team proceeds with the necessary tree planting processes, including adding GeoTags and posting core details on the system, followed by regular updates. 

  • Users can easily track the ongoing process by logging in with their registered mobile numbers. They receive updates via email and SMS, allowing them to share the growth on their respective social media platforms. 

Benefit of Integrating DGTL Green for India's Largest Mining Company

  • DGTL's web application, GREEN, development represents a significant stride towards virtual solutions for a more sustainable future. 

  • This marks a promising step in the direction of sustainable development, emphasizing transparent communication and the integration of modern technology. 

  • The application's development aligns precisely with the envisioned goals of the leading Zinc Producer Company, paving the way for their successful realization. 

  • Efficiency has been notably boosted on both the user and admin sides of the Tree Plantation Involvement, thanks to the application's development. 

  • The application, along with its associated benefits, introduces a new chapter in the company's commitment to sustainable development, leaving an impact not only in the business sector but also within communities.


This partnership represents a significant stride toward environmental preservation, showcasing technology's role in making meaningful strides toward a more sustainable future. It aligns with sustainability objectives and represents a major step toward reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2070. 

What Clients Says

“The web application development by DGTL has taken a new leap to think virtually for a greener tomorrow. A new ray of hope towards sustainability development, the flow of transparent communication and the incorporation of the modern technological input to the final output will make way for achieving the goals right on point as envisioned by leading mining industry. 

The development of the application enhanced the efficiency of the functioning on both ends of the Tree Plantation Involvement (User end and Admin Team). The application and associated benedictions have marked a new venture for the company's ideology of sustainable development to create an impact, not only in the business industry but also among people. “

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