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DGTL's Smart Security Management Solution for a Leading Lead-Zinc Manufacturer 

By implementing a comprehensive security management system, DGTL enabled enhanced incident management, optimized manpower deployment, and improved surveillance capabilities.

The Customer  

Recognized as a global leader in Lead-Zinc manufacturing, the company faced significant security challenges due to outdated systems and manual processes.

Business Challenge  

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The Lead-Zinc manufacturer grappled with security inefficiencies stemming from non-digitalized interventions and manual operations. These challenges included a lack of structured reporting systems, absence of real-time monitoring dashboards, and cumbersome incident management processes.

The Solution 


DGTL implemented a comprehensive security management solution tailored to address the company's specific needs. The solution comprised several key modules:

Security Incident Reporting Module: Streamlined incident reporting with workflows and notifications for quick response and resolution.


Security Manpower Deployment: Optimized deployment through trend analysis, planning, and real-time monitoring. 

GPS-Based Security Patrolling Reports: Enhanced patrolling efficiency with mobile-based GPS tracking and offline QR code checkpoints. 

Security Guard Auto Duty Roster: Automated rostering and duty allocation to ensure optimal guard deployment. 

Security Guard Duty Validation Module: Automated validation processes and real-time reporting for enhanced accountability. 

Security Mock Drill Module: Scheduled and tracked mock drills for preparedness and compliance. 


Location-Wise Visitor Trend: Analyzed visitor trends to enhance monitoring and analysis. 

Electronic Security Surveillance Health Status: Monitored CCTV health and performance to ensure optimal surveillance capabilities. 

Master Data Module: Centralized management of critical security data for analysis and decision-making. 

Reporting: Automated daily and weekly security reports for HQ and location-level analysis and insights.

Benefits of DGTL’s Smart Security Management Solution

  • Streamlined Incident Management: Simplified incident reporting and resolution processes for faster response times. 

  • Enhanced Security Deployment: Optimized deployment strategies and real-time monitoring for improved security coverage. 

  • Improved Patrolling Efficiency: GPS-based tracking and offline checkpoints for enhanced patrolling effectiveness. 

  • Enhanced Accountability: Automated validation processes and real-time reporting for increased accountability. 

  • Improved Preparedness: Scheduled mock drills and compliance tracking for enhanced preparedness. 

  • Optimal Surveillance Capabilities: Monitored CCTV health and performance to ensure optimal surveillance capabilities. 

  • Centralized Data Management: Centralized management of critical security data for streamlined analysis and decision-making. 


DGTL's smart security management solution revolutionized security operations for the leading Lead-Zinc manufacturer. By addressing key challenges and implementing innovative modules, the company achieved enhanced security effectiveness, operational efficiency, and accountability. The comprehensive solution not only streamlined security processes but also provided valuable insights for informed decision-making and continuous improvement in security operations.

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