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DGTL's Role in Little Chalks' Brand Recognition and Engagement Surge 

Little Chalks' collaboration with DGTL revolutionized its digital presence, driving significant growth and visibility in Mumbai's competitive preschool market.


The Customer  

Little Chalks, a prestigious preschool in Mumbai, boasts highly qualified educators who foster holistic development in children, blending play with learning to prepare them for primary school. 

Business Challenge  

Little Chalks faced multifaceted challenges: 

  • Limited Visibility: Despite its stellar reputation, Little Chalks struggled with visibility beyond its immediate community. 

  • Competitive Edge: The preschool needed a distinctive edge to stand out amidst a saturated market of preschools. 

  • Lead Generation: Efficient lead generation and conversion were pivotal to sustain growth and meet enrollment targets. 

The Solution 


DGTL devised a tailored Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy to address Little Chalks' challenges:

Custom Website Development: 

  • DGTL created a custom website for Little Chalks, enhancing brand visibility and accessibility. 

  • The website served as a comprehensive platform for parents to explore programs and facilities. 


Introduction to Skill-Based Learning: 

  • DGTL introduced the innovative concept of skill-based learning through engaging social media content. 

  • Daily curriculum highlights were shared, emphasizing hands-on activities fostering skill development. 

Cultural Awareness: 

  • Leveraging social media, DGTL instilled cultural awareness by celebrating festivals and cultural events. 

  • Content emphasized inclusivity, resonating with parents seeking a diverse educational environment. 

Lead Generation and Conversion: 

  • Targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram propelled brand visibility. 

  • Ads showcased Little Chalks' unique curriculum, driving quality leads and facilitating conversions. 

Benefits of DGTL’s SMM and Advertising Services

Higher Admission Rates: 

  • The comprehensive SMM strategy resulted in increased inquiries and admissions. 

  • Parents were attracted to Little Chalks' innovative approach to skill-based learning. 

Introduction to Skill-Based Learning: 

  • Skill-based learning became a cornerstone of Little Chalks' identity, resonating with parents seeking holistic education for their children. 

Cultural Awareness: 

  • Little Chalks' celebration of diversity fostered a sense of belonging among parents and children. 

  • Cultural awareness initiatives enhanced community engagement and brand loyalty. 

Lead Generation and Conversion: 

  • DGTL's targeted advertising campaigns boosted engagement metrics through impressions, followers, and reach. 

  • Quality leads generated through social media translated into increased admissions and revenue. 

  • 40% increase in engagement suggests that the ads effectively captured the attention of the target audience and encouraged them to interact with Little Chalks' content. 

  • Consequently, the preschool experienced a surge in follower acquisition and lead generation, a testament to the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts. 


Through skillful implementation of SMM strategies and targeted advertising, Little Chalks successfully showcased its curriculum, instilled cultural awareness, and facilitated lead generation and conversion. DGTL's expertise not only increased brand awareness but also established Little Chalks as a leader in holistic early childhood education. This case study underscores the transformative power of digital marketing in shaping educational institutions' success in the modern age. 

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