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DGTL Innovations' Chatbot Solution Enhances Vendor experience and Improves Efficiency

RoboS chatbot streamlines payables, cuts costs, enhances supplier relations effectively.

The Customer  

Customer is India’s largest and world’s second largest zinc-lead miner. With more than 50 years of operational experience, we give highest priority to safety of our people and conservation of scarce natural resources through technology and innovation. With reserve base of 114.7 million MT with an average zinc-lead grade of 8.7% and mineral resources of 288 million MT, our mine life is over 25 years. Our fully integrated zinc operations currently hold 78% market share in India’s primary zinc industry. We are the 6th largest silver producers globally with an annual capacity of 800 MT

Business Challenge  

In the account payables process, there are various levels of interaction which a supplier does with organizations. Most of these interactions are limited to knowing the status of invoices, status of orders, inventory cycle.

Organizations have to invest into dedicated team members(s) to cater to these business calls.

The Solution 

RoboS | Response on Behalf of Shared Services

A chatbot can query to multiple backend environment like SAP, ARIBA, NewGEN, Opentext based on the customer environment and provide the data at real time to the suppliers. This will reduce the redundant effort required to provide these details to the supplier. The Menu Driven Vendor bot can be trained further for the entire P2P cycle and guide suppliers with RFP or any other processes. The chatbot can be extended to the employees associated with the procurement processes also to help them in getting the details at real time using a friendly UI, hosted on any of the collaboration solutions, thus removing the need to log in to multiple systems for the details.

  • Status of Invoice: This will show you status of your invoices.

  • Payment Advice: Enables you to view the details of payment with option to download the payment advices

  • Bank Ref/UTR details: Enables you to view the Bank Ref/UTR number of your past payments

  • Mapped email Ids: Displays the email ids registered with HZL for your supplier code

  • Reason for Rejection/Exception: Provides the details of exception/rejection and contact person with whom you can connect for any clarifications.

  • Debit Note Download: Allows you to download the debit note

  • Non-PO Invoice Status: Display status of all invoices raised without reference of PO in last 06 months

  • Ret/SD Release: Display details of any retention payments released over last 06 months

  • Advance Payments: Display details of any advance payments made over last 06 months

  • More Help: Provides an interactive help document.

Benefits of DGTL’s Vendor Bot Solution

Efficiency and Time Savings:

  • RoboS provides real-time data to suppliers, reducing the need for dedicated teams and streamlining interactions.

  • Significantly cuts redundant efforts, enhancing resource allocation efficiency.


Cost Reduction:

  • Automation eliminates the need for a dedicated team, resulting in substantial cost savings in human resources.


Improved Supplier Relations:

  • Quick and accurate responses enhance supplier experience, fostering positive relationships and improving communication.


Enhanced Data Accessibility:

  • User-friendly interface for suppliers and employees improves real-time data access without logging into multiple systems.


Comprehensive Process Guidance:

  • Menu Driven Vendor Chatbot's training includes guiding suppliers through the entire P2P cycle, aiding in efficient navigation.


Increased Employee Productivity:

  • Employees benefit from reduced time spent on data gathering, allowing focus on strategic aspects of their roles.


Enhanced Transparency:

  • Detailed information on invoice status, payment advice, and rejection exceptions improves transparency and collaboration.


The implementation of RoboS has strategically addressed the challenge in account payables, aligning with the organization's commitment to innovation. The solution delivers efficiency gains, cost reductions, improved supplier relations, and increased transparency. RoboS stands as a testament to the organization's dedication to operational excellence through technology while maintaining a leadership position in the zinc and lead mining industry.

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