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Premium Socks Brand - Elevating E-Commerce Success with DGTL's Custom Solutions

DGTL deployed a custom e-commerce platform built on LAMP technologies, offering scalability and flexibility. This platform allowed Mustang Socks to have a personalized storefront with an easy-to-manage backend, reducing dependence on external IT vendors.


The Customer  

Having thrived over the past two decades, a premium sock brand in India has solidified its position in local markets as well as in the Middle East and South America. With aspirations for global expansion into Europe, Southeast Asia, and the USA, the brand's owners are keen to elevate their brand to meet international standards. 

Business Challenge  

Mustang Socks faced a challenge in optimizing its online presence to better showcase its products and engage with customers. They wanted to capture the market through a custom e-commerce platform intact with user-friendly features that would allow the brand's ability to stand out in a competitive market.

The Solution 

Mustang Eommerce.jpg

Leveraging Mustang's exceptional designs and quality products as inspiration, our team initiated a comprehensive rebranding effort through POC.

Customized E-Commerce Platform: 

  • DGTL deployed a custom e-commerce platform built on LAMP Technologies, offering configurability and quick deployment. 

  • The platform featured a minimalist design, optimized for product photography and user experience, enabling Premium Socks Brand to manage its storefront easily. 


User Experience Design: The corporate website and e-commerce platform underwent a comprehensive redesign to optimize visual elements and user experience. Every detail was crafted to enhance product visibility and streamline the user journey, from navigation to checkout.

Platform Development: DGTL's team developed a POC showcasing the customized Corporate and e-commerce platform to meet Mustang Socks' specific requirements, ensuring seamless integration with existing system. 

Mustang Corporate (1).png

Brand Identity: 

  • DGTL's designers conceptualized a brand identity refresh, incorporating the letter 'M' interpreted within a sock and the brand's hoof, reflecting the brand's essence and uniqueness

Benefits of DGTL’s Branding Services

Improved User Experience:

The optimized interface and seamless navigation resulted in a better shopping experience,

leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Streamlined Operations:

The easy-to-manage backend empowered Mustang Socks to efficiently oversee their online storefronts, reducing administrative overhead and improving operational efficiency.

Brand Recognition:

The refreshed brand identity helped increase brand recognition and awareness among the target audience, driving customer acquisition and retention.


Through strategic collaboration and innovative solutions, DGTL successfully addressed Mustang Socks' business challenges, resulting in a revitalized online presence, improved user experience, and tangible business growth. The partnership underscores the importance of tailored digital solutions in driving brand success and customer engagement in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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