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With WhatsApp Integrated Vendor Bot DGTL Enhances Vendor experience and Improves Efficiency & Response Time

The implementation of the WhatsApp Integrated Vendor Bot significantly improved vendor experience and efficiency for the manufacturing company.

The Customer  

The world-leading manufacturing company operates across diverse sectors, specializing in innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. With a global footprint, it sets industry standards for excellence and reliability in manufacturing processes and product quality.

Business Challenge  

The company faced inefficiencies in managing vendor interactions, especially concerning invoice statuses, payment details, and resolution of vendor queries. This necessitated dedicated team members for handling numerous business calls, impacting efficiency and response times.

The Solution 

DGTL introduced a WhatsApp Integrated Vendor Bot, offering a streamlined solution for vendor interactions.

Key features included:

  • Status of Invoice: Vendors could inquire about the current status of their invoices directly through the WhatsApp bot.

  • Payment Advice: The bot enabled vendors to view detailed payment advice and download payment-related documents.

  • Bank Ref/UTR Details: Vendors could access bank reference numbers and UTR details for their past payments.

  • Mapped Email IDs: The bot displayed registered email IDs associated with specific supplier codes, facilitating communication.

  • Reason for Rejection/Exception: Vendors received detailed information on any exceptions or rejections, along with contact details for clarification.

  • Debit Note Download: Vendors could conveniently download debit notes as needed.

  • Non-PO Invoice Status: The bot provided updates on all invoices raised without reference to a purchase order within the last six months.

  • Retention/Security Deposit Release: Vendors could access details of any retention payments released within the last six months.

  • Advance Payments: Information on any advance payments made within the last six months was readily available.

  • More Help: The bot offered an interactive help document to address additional queries and concerns.

Benefits of DGTL’s WhatsApp Integrated Vendor Bot Solution

  • Improved Efficiency: The automated bot drastically reduced the need for manual interventions, leading to streamlined processes and improved operational efficiency.

  • Enhanced Response Time: Vendors could access critical information instantly, leading to faster response times and resolution of queries.

  • Cost Savings: By automating vendor interactions, the company reduced the need for dedicated team members, resulting in cost savings and optimized resource allocation.

  • Enhanced Vendor Experience: Vendors experienced a seamless and user-friendly interface, improving overall satisfaction and strengthening vendor relationships.

  • Operational Optimization: The streamlined vendor management process enabled the company to focus on core business activities, driving operational optimization and enhancing productivity.


DGTL's implementation of the WhatsApp Integrated Vendor Bot revolutionized vendor interactions for the manufacturing company, paving the way for enhanced efficiency, improved response times, and elevated vendor experience.

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