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Enhancing Soil Testing with DGTL's IoT Solution for Leading Construction Group

DGTL's IoT solution empowered the brand to enhance customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and maintain competitive advantage in the construction space, underscoring the transformative power of technology in driving innovation and success. 


The Customer  

A leading international construction group specializing in geotechnical works, offering a wide range of solutions including soil improvement, micro tunneling, and environmental services. They manufacture lightweight deflectometers used for soil testing in various construction projects

Business Challenge  

The lightweight deflectometers required engineers to carry mini-computers for data recording, leading to inefficiencies and reduced usability. Connector sockets were prone to damage, resulting in costly repairs and lost working hours. The company aimed to enhance user experience and operational efficiency through IoT technology. 

The Solution 


Partnering with DGTL, the construction group implemented a cutting-edge IoT solution for the lightweight deflectometers: 

  • Bluetooth technology replaced mini-computers, allowing engineers to use mobile devices for data recording and analysis. 

  • A mobile app, available for both Android and iOS, provided an intuitive interface for test measurements, data management, report generation, and direct communication with stakeholders. 

  • The app facilitated seamless data import via WIFI-Enabled USB drives, enhancing equipment compactness and usability. 



DGTL's IoT solution transformed the user experience: 

  • Bluetooth integration eliminated the need for mini-computers, reducing bulkiness and increasing mobility. 

  • The mobile app streamlined data management, enabling engineers to conduct measurements efficiently and serve multiple customers effectively. 

  • The absence of physical connections minimized equipment damage during operations, enhancing reliability and durability. 

Benefits of DGTL’s IoT Solution & Application Development Services

The construction group's adoption of DGTL's IoT solution yielded significant benefits: 

  • Improved user experience and equipment compactness enhanced field testing efficiency and usability. 

  • Seamless data communication via the mobile app facilitated faster analysis and decision-making. 

  • Enhanced test measurement management allowed engineers to maintain detailed records and better serve their customers. 

  • The innovative IoT solution positioned the company as an industry leader, fostering continued success in the construction sector. 


DGTL's IoT solution empowered the construction group to enhance customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and maintain competitive advantage, highlighting the transformative impact of technology in the construction industry. 

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