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Image by Noah Buscher

Plantation Management App

“Planting trees can help us curb the effects of climate change. Let's start with the 3 P’s – Protect, Preserve, and Promote Mother Earth.” 

Every company wants to flourish in the sustainability sector to make every possible move to safeguarding the environment and spreading awareness. 

We work with a vision to help corporates and individuals build lush green and bio-diverse sustainable world for the coming future.

We want even individuals / employees of the organisation also be a part of this plantation drive.

Let’s create a repository for a rich ecological planet TOGETHER! 

   DGTL - Green App. 

We at DGTL have developed a web Application – GREEN , where the companies can manage the plantation process in a very transparent and step-by-step process.

The main aim of the plantation Drive is to help the stakeholders take a higher step toward sustainable development.

This will help them take every possible step towards safeguarding the environment and spreading awareness.

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   Features of DGTLGreen App. 
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