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Internet Of Things

Internet of Things is marking our day to day objects with machine-readable identification tags. Sensors could be blended with such tags for assimilating detailed information about the conditions for everyday objects and the peripheral. The similar concept to different companies where advanced computing will acquire benediction for keeping track of the available stock and resources. Furthermore, we help in maintaining the same to top-notch levels, saving a lot of time and money. Along with large amounts of data for analyzing, there is also a place to track multiple devices through a single source. Thus, you realise how IoT has been a game-changer for today's world. DGTL has got a proficient expertise in the development of IoT based solutions for all our customers.

VR Games

Dashboards, Alert Notification and Analytics

Boy Reading Tablet

Profound sensors configuration on all IoT platforms

Integrate Through Open Source IoT Platforms

Powerful Computer

Inventory & fleet management apps

Boy Reading Tablet
Powerful Computer

Integrations using Mule ESB, MS BizTalk


These are our Key Offerings

Internet of Things: Services

Process We Follow

Defining the core pillars of curating an IoT ecosystem that remains functional on all grounds, irrespective of the domain or genre of work


Sensors & Actuators

Sensors help in gathering data from the environments. The actuators tend to turn things on or off, setting values


Edge & Gateways

Converting and transferring sensor data between the layers and right through different networks. This includes Bluetooth, 3G, LAN and much more. Handling data on different velocity and volume.


Cloud & Analytics

Analyzing, storing and processing large data packs. There could be a use of databases through cloud computing for generating Insights.


User Experience

Building budding user experience through Web, Mobility & AR/VR. The idea is about offering outstanding applications through specific services to the user.


Business Applications

Proper management of the entire IoT system, its features, functionality, applications and business models.

Internet of Things: Services
VR Games

What we offer

Internet of Things: Services


Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities. Re-viewing and reimagining different segments to unveil the real potential of your industry. Followed by the facilitation of sustainable development.


Wearables, Healthcare, Security. Enhancement of the quality of life by welcoming in emerging technologies which is specifically designed to foster a healthier, happier and safe environment.


Smart homes/ Buildings/ Offices, Retail. Connect people, machines and information using Big Data to enhance business efficiency in a secured ecosystem

Why Partner with an IoT App Development Services like us?

Motherboard Installation

At DGTL, we offer you with the impeccable IoT consultancy, architecture, module design, development and IoT operations. Further, we support the services to all our customers for transforming their business into smart enterprises. Our highly accomplished and skilled IoT app developers will be delivering you with a smart solution that will meet all your needs and requirements without any hindrances. 

Our range of IoT application development services serves to give forth the transformation of devices into smart devices. As the leading IoT development company with rich expertise in digital technologies, we give different digital functionalities. This is to make sure that the software app we deliver is making ends meet. Working on different protocols, external hardware devices and robust infrastructure, DGTL offers dynamic solutions for customer satisfaction

Internet of Things: About
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