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Implementing E-Procurement Solution for the Largest Fluorochemical Manufacturer in India  

The automated procure-to-pay process improved efficiency, accuracy, and transparency, enabling the company to optimize procurement operations and maintain a competitive edge in the fluorochemical manufacturing industry.

The Customer  

Customer is a key player in specialty fluorochemicals in India, sought an advanced solution for their manual procurement solution. They faced inefficiencies in managing supplier records and invoices processes, prompting the need for a sophisticated solution to streamline operations and aimed at adhering to enhanced procurement management. 

Business Challenge  

The client faced inefficiencies in their procurement processes due to manual interventions and lack of integration between systems. Managing supplier interactions, purchase orders, and invoices was time-consuming and prone to errors. They sought a solution to streamline their procure-to-pay process, improve collaboration with suppliers, and integrate with their existing SAP system. 

The Solution 

DGTL, in collaboration with SCH Infotech, provided a comprehensive SCH Supplier E-Procurement Solution. This solution included - 

  • Integration with SAP for seamless data exchange and process synchronization. 

  • Procure-to-pay automation to streamline procurement lifecycle and reduce errors. 

  • Supplier collaboration portal enabling suppliers to interact, submit quotes, view orders, and submit invoices. 

  • Catalog management to streamline supplier selection and manage approved products/services. 

  • Configurable approval workflows to ensure compliance and efficient processing. 

  • Reporting and analytics for insights into procurement and supplier performance. 

  • Customization and scalability to adapt to unique business needs and accommodate future growth. 

  • Training and ongoing support services to ensure successful implementation and continued optimization. 

  • Robust security measures to protect data and ensure compliance with regulations. 


  • Requirement gathering and analysis. 

  • Customization and configuration of the SCH Supplier E-Procurement Solution. 

  • Integration with the client's SAP system. 

  • Testing and validation to ensure seamless functionality. 

  • Training sessions for end-users and administrators. 

  • Go-live and post-implementation support. 

Benefits of DGTL’s E-Procurement Solution

  • Streamlined Procurement Process: Automation and integration reduced manual efforts and improved process efficiency. 

  • Enhanced Supplier Collaboration: The supplier portal facilitated better communication and collaboration, leading to smoother transactions. 

  • Improved Accuracy and Compliance: Approval workflows and catalog management ensured compliance with policies and regulations, reducing errors. 

  • Insightful Reporting: Reporting and analytics provided valuable insights into procurement performance, enabling data-driven decision-making. 

  • Scalability and Adaptability: The solution's scalability and customization options allowed the client to adapt to changing business needs and scale operations as required. 


By implementing the SCH Supplier E-Procurement Solution, the client successfully streamlined their procurement processes, enhanced collaboration with suppliers, and achieved greater efficiency and compliance. The integrated solution provided a solid foundation for future growth and optimization, positioning the client for continued success in their industry. 

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