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IT Solutions for Your Every Need

Enterprise  Innovation Platform

Enterprise Innovation Platform is an employee engagement and innovation platform that helps companies stay ahead of competition. The platform is a proven tool that automates and gamifies the entire idea collection, idea evaluation and conversion to projects and best practices processes. This also ensures that innovation and ideation is not dependent on a handful of HR resources or on senior management, and is a continuous process. IdeaBridge tightly couples with Organizations’ existing intranets and has been built keeping in mind both large enterprises as well as SMEs.

Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) delivers trustworthy and reliable data to business users by mediating, managing and governing core master data shared by multiple master data domains. It enables business users to easily create information with standardised business rules, workflows and approval processes. Available both on cloud and enterprise models MDO has the ability to integrate with SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft and other leading enterprise solutions.

Supply Chain Optimisation

We make your business more efficient, more predictable and more effective. Turning complex challenges into easy-to-use solutions. DGTL solutions and services result in optimized fleet routing and dispatch, vehicle and pallet loading, workforce scheduling, delivery forecasting, logistics network planning and warehouse control. DGTL offers stand-alone, custom-made and SAP® certified and embedded solutions, supported by strategic partnerships.

E-commerce Platform

DGTL Ecommerce Platform by DGTL  is a ready and quick to deploy ecommerce platform that allows you to have a customized storefront with the easy to manage backend content management features (effectively freeing up the entrepreneur from dependence on external IT vendors). Eshopfy is a customizable solution to upload unlimited categories, products or pages to your shopping catalogue.


Security is a major point of concern for every organization. The Smart security management system will help the company to view and analyze the live status of various security, structure to generate the reports for all the security operations, digitized interventions & security progressions, and view and analyze the live status of various security processes

Business Process & Workflow Automation

We present to you a low-code platform that helps you automate custom scenarios such as IP & Patent Management , Grievance Management, Employee Health & Safety Management and more

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