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Our Services

With years of experience, DGTL offers a variety of IT solutions that will cater to every aspect of your technological and operational demands. We know that every client is different, so a member of our team will tailor our expertise to your unique needs. Read more to learn about our services and solutions.


DGTL follow a platform and technology agnostic approach to automation that focuses on ensuring metrics improvement, savings, and ROI. We work with our clients to provide the following services: 

Advisory Services

- Process and Platform Assessments

- Business Case Preparation

- Process Validations and Triage Services

- SoP Creation

- Automation Requirement Capture


Pilot and PoCs
Proof of Concept Creation
- Rapid Prototyping
- RPA Pilot
- RPA Roadmap Creation
- Automation CoE Setup


RPA software bots interact with any application or system. The same way as people do. RPA bots can operate around the clock, non-stop, and are much faster with 100% reliability and precision. It combines APIs and User Interface(UI) interactions to perform repetitive tasks by integrating enterprise and productivity applications.

We have implemented leading third-party platforms, including Automation Anywhere, LokiBots , OpenBots , TrueBots for our clients.



DGTL advanced chatbot solutions have taken service design to the next level and included user identification, personalization, payment possibilities and other features that are deeply integrated into organization’s backend systems.

Chatbots are a form of Artificial Intelligence(AI) that is used in messaging apps. Our Chatbot services are NLP-based and it acts as an interface an effective medium for conversations between customers and businesses. Our chatbots provide a supreme AI-Based conversational experience to your customers. We revolutionize your business and make your conversations are high-quality.


  • DataOps With Chatbots

  • Chatbot RPA Integration

  • Make Chatbots Repeatable

  • Voice Bots

  • Incorporation of Payments Within Chatbots

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Improve The Ability To Conduct Complex Conversations

  • Handling Escalations Using Chatbots

AI chatbot.png

Data Science & Intelligence

 The data journey starts with Data Reporting, BI dashboards, and critical Business alerts. With Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, the information can be created in a particular context that will help in smarter business choices and attain improved products and services. Advanced use of analytical processes will help to move towards business Automation and better task optimization. Information analytics is a crucial tool across various organizations.


DGTL offers business intelligence and data visualization solutions to help you rapidly integrate data. We have implemented leading  Self Service BI Tools  Microsoft Power BI , Qliksense , Tableau for our clients.

Data Intelligence.jpg


 With SAP solution tailored as per your business needs and ample experience in SAP consulting services, we can assist you to execute, optimize and convert your applications that can bring brilliance to your business. You can grow your business with the expertise, services, and support intelligently with greater visibility, focus and agility by moving your operations forward- all available to you in a portfolio of intelligent solutions & systems.



User Experience & Design

We at DGTL work towards understanding your story and what follows is a great User Experience Design.  We take a User Centric Design Approach, where we use Design and Technology to achieve a great user experience for the end user. Bringing Brands To Real Life With Engaging And Intuitive UX Design Services. Being the trusted partner to bring digital transformation, we believe in formulating something right from an agile and responsive digital development. We create an experience that will be appreciative and productive.








user experience.jpg


 Internet of Things (IoT) services help to aggregate data from physical objects and smartly use it for process automation and business intelligence. We drive value-centered IoT solutions and set up multi-level data pipelines. We at DGTL make transformative improvements to your business processes by investigating your business tasks/problems that can be addressed with IoT implementation.

What We Offer

  • Industrial Assets Tracking

  • Worker Tracking

  • Live Inventory Tracking

  • Consumer Way Finding

internet of things.png


At dgtl we combine beautiful design with best-of-breed engineering. mobility has become a essential part of our life. We at dgtl believe that we can transform your organization's mobile potential to reality. Creating Dream Business Solution With Top-Notch Application Development Services. Utilizing the same, we at DGTL collaborate with you to create an application that will speak for your business and help in branding solutions. DGTL has been successfully delivering custom application services to our clients, expressing innovation in features and design alike. Commencing with a research segment, we have partnered with the highly accomplished and skilled application developers who guarantee quality and usability.

Computer application.jpg

Corporate Trainings

In today’s hyperconnected world, organizations are challenged in more ways than ever to stay ahead of the curve. DGTL offers a comprehensive range of Training Programs in Digital Marketing , Data analytics and Innovation that are designed to cater to an aspiring group of professionals who want a tailored program and for innovation leaders and teams. Also, Our Workshops on Innovation are the perfect Opportunity to understand different approaches, experiment with new frameworks and explore other techniques. Innovative Training Programs for a culture of Innovation & design thinking keynotes, workshops, programs, activities & tools for organizations.

Corporate training.jpg

Digital Marketing Services

DGTL has a team of dynamic digital media managers, planners,  and consultants, eager to share and drive new marketing practices  using technology effectively.  It makes brand communication,  providing services  to  targeted  customers and all the strategies that  promote a brand  and  makes  a company from the start-up to a  fully-fledged  internationally  recognized brand all over the world.

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