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Conversational CX Platform: Text
Conversational AI 

We offer comprehensive conversational AI services, including both chatbot and voicebot technology. Our chatbots are designed to simulate human conversation and provide personalized customer service, while our voicebots provide intuitive voice-activated service. Our AI services provide a seamless customer experience for your customers, allowing them to quickly and easily access the information they need. Our software offers an advanced conversational AI service that features both chatbots and voicebots. Our AI technology is designed to provide an interactive experience for customers, allowing them to ask questions and receive answers in a natural, conversational manner. Our bots provide real-time responses and can even anticipate customer needs.

Conversational CX Platform: About

 Chatbots have been one of the most advanced and promising technologies, which are proved as one of the best in understanding the expressions of humans and machines based on the interactions. With its NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, it supports organizations in responding to questions in natural language. This technology is applied to various enterprises’ end-user applications.

Conversational CX Platform: List

Step up with the World Class CX platform

Build Emotionally Intelligent Assistants

  With the user-friendly no-code platform, the user’s personality, context, and sentiment can be understood, and the response can be given with empathy, even with complex conversations, with less training data.

Best AI and human Intelligence

Every conversation is made better by enabling agents and virtual assistants to work hand-in-hand , offering recommendations , validating predictions and so on.

Campaign management

Your agents and marketers can map customer journeys and reach out to your customers proactively with engagement at the right time and at the right place.

 Smart Analytics

 You can get deeper insights into your business with a smart analytics dashboard with also helps understand user sentiments, also questions patterns that help make important business decisions.

Be Omnichannel with your customers!



 Use the chatbot automation on 35+ channels – Website, Apps, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, email, messaging, and many more, thus delivering better customer experiences.



Build voice automation workflows across IVR, that are inbound and outbound using apps like Google Assistants, Alexa, and many more.


In todays’ fast-paced world, having conversational channels like WhatsApp, web, App, Alexa, Facebook; we have no other choice but to transform their customer experience to Omnichannel, intelligent, personalized, and complete customer experience.

64% of the worlds’ population, the largest global consumer base is the current generation. They are highly social, mobile, and also self-reliant.

AI Driven ITSM Automation

 With AI- Chatbot, you can resolve your customers’ queries without making them wait. Also with added advantages like no language bar, round the clock service, text or voice- whichever is convenient. With this chatbot you can serve more than 70% of the queries seamlessly and streamline the ticketing as well. Agents can be looped in when complex queries arise.

Customer Engagement

 Engaging your customers from anywhere, anytime across different channels with multiple language options with campaign automation. This will help boost revenue have will help you control the whole customer journey.

 Conversational Commerce

 With conversational virtual assistants, you can engage your customers across the globe using text and voice, leading to quicker conversations, higher CSAT, and long-lasting loyal customers.

HR Automation

 With digital technology and support, the employees can improve the quality of work by putting off repetitive tasks like payroll management, the tax calculation for the bots to manage it. Hence bringing in efficiency in organizational processes and improving the capacity to support customers.

Power your customer journey with the New CX automation Technology

Robust NLP
(Natural Language Processing)

 With a highly efficient NLP Engine, looping in self-learning and sentence embeddings, your bots become language–intelligent, ensuring high accuracy.

Chatbot’s self-learning technology

 Crunching millions of anonymous conversations across the platform, they improve predictions with time, ensuring better conversations in the future.

Make your IVAs Smart

Our Chatbot smart platform connects the knowledge base and the past conversations to train the bot, thus decreasing the time to go live.

Multilingual conversations

Once the bots are trained in English, they start self-learning and understanding queries in 100+ languages, without any extra pieces of training.

Chatbot for Banking, Finance & Insurance Industry (BFSI)

Automate end-to-end banking services with AIChatbot + Human capabilities delivering integrated customer experience, gaining prominence across banks' operations.

Banking Industry can reap a lot from AI chatbots.

1) Customer Acquisition,

2)  Disburse Loans - Customer can view, apply Loans, pay instalments,

3)  Automating sending e-statements, checking account balance, interest, etc

4) Answer FAQ- Let a chatbot take care of them so your agents can work on critical tasks

5) Easy Transfer - Guiding customers to add/update beneficiary, check transfer limit and more by simple chatting to Chatbot

6)  Personalised Banking - Offer personalised banking solutions to increase customer engagement and retention.

7)  Drive Sales - Make lead generation seamless through conversational ads and retargeted campaigns.

8) Detect Frauds- Auto-detect fraudulent calls through sophisticated IVR technology

9) Customer Support-Offer 24/7 customer support in over 100 languages across 35+ text and voice channels.

10) Critical Insights -See your business critical data come to life through visually represented graphs and charts.

11) Collections - Notify customers due dates and overdues to ensure timely payments for frictionless pay back in installments.

Conversational CX Platform: Products
Conversational CX Platform: Features
Conversational bot for E - commerce Industry 

 If your business is growing then automation should be at top of your mind & its a key to retain as many customers as you want.

Customer experience engagement with conversational AI-powered Intelligent virtual assistance, you can increase customer engagement, and drive revenue 3X times. It will also help in 

1)  leadgeneration

2)  retargeting,

3) cross-selling, and also up-selling

4) plus the 24x7 customer support for your customers with our intuitive bots technology. 

5) Send contextual & personalised campaigns across channels for retargeting

6) Boost your sales with suitable product recommendations, alerts on the latest deals, and promotional offers and much more!

This will give your customers an exceptional customer experience that is also personalised based on customer purchase patterns and so on. 

Conversational CX Platform: Services
Conversational Voice & Text  bot  for
Media & Entertainment Industry

AI Chatbot enables the entertainment industry, OTT and Media work smartly by:

  • In-App subscription renewal reminders

  • Connect with your consumers with authenticity and trust

  • Impersonate with users’ favourite Characters

  • Converse with customers in 120+ regional languages and much more!

 AI Chatbot for Real Estate Industry

AI Chatbots can become your complete sales companion for real estate agencies, 1) Right from informing, 

2) engaging, and

3) delighting your customers on every step - to

4) choosing homes and work spaces, to

5) taking virtual tours of properties,

6) self-serving queries to

7) conducting transactions with additionally doing it all in the language of customers' choice!

Case Study:

Case Study: Implementing  VoiceBots  for Leading OTT & Streaming Company


Client is a prominent OTT & streaming service platform that offers a vast library of movies, TV shows, and original content to its millions of subscribers in India. As the popularity of the platform grew rapidly, so did the number of customer inquiries and the need for personalized user experiences. 

To enhance customer experience and improve support efficiency, DGTL in association with implemented AI-powered Chatbot and VoiceBots solutions to address customer queries and provide seamless assistance. This case study explores how these technologies were implemented and the solutions they provided for various customer issues. 


Challenge -  

As the popularity of the platform grew rapidly, so did the number of customer inquiries and the need for personalized user experiences. The goal was to leverage artificial intelligence to provide instant and efficient responses to user queries while offering personalized content recommendations tailored to individual preferences. It would not only streamline customer support but also elevate the overall streaming experience for users, fostering greater satisfaction and loyalty. 

Implementation of AI Chatbot and VoiceBot:  

We integrated AI Chatbot and VoiceBot into  customer support system, leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to understand and respond to user queries effectively. These intelligent bots were deployed across multiple channels, including the website, mobile app, and voice-activated assistants. 


Results and Benefits: By implementing AI Chatbot and VoiceBot solutions, Disney+ Hotstar achieved several benefits: 

  • Improved Customer Experience: The AI bot provides quick and accurate responses to customer queries, reducing wait times and enhancing overall satisfaction. 

  • Increased Efficiency: The bots automate customer support processes, enabling faster issue resolution, reducing the need for human intervention, and freeing up support agents to focus on more complex tasks. 

  • 24/7 Support Availability: With AI bots, customers will have access to support around the clock, regardless of their time zone or location, ensuring seamless assistance at any time. 

  • Personalized and Contextualized Support: The AI bots leverages customer data to provide personalized recommendations, tailored troubleshooting steps, and relevant information based on individual preferences and subscription details. 

  • Scalability: The AI-powered bots have the ability to handle a large volume of customer queries simultaneously, ensuring scalability and efficient support during peak demand periods, such as popular sporting events or content releases. 


Conclusion: With the implementation of Conversational AI Chatbot and VoiceBot solutions, Disney+ Hotstar successfully will be able to address customer queries and provide solutions for a wide range of issues, enhancing customer experience, improving support efficiency, and streamlining customer interactions. Our intelligent bots revolutionized customer support in the streaming industry, showcasing the power of AI in delivering personalized, convenient, and on-demand assistance to subscribers. 

DGTL Innovations Chatbot Solution Enhances Vendor experience and Improves efficiency

The Customer:
Customer is India’s largest and world’s second largest zinc-lead miner. They are also the 6th largest silver producers globally with an annual capacity of 800 MT

Business Challenge
In the account payables process, there are various levels of interaction which a supplier does with organizations. Most of these interactions are limited to knowing the status of invoices, status of orders, inventory cycle.Organizations have to invest into dedicated team members(s) to cater to these business calls.

The Solution: RoboS | Response on Behalf of Shared Services

A chatbot can query to multiple backend environment like SAP, ARIBA, NewGEN, Opentext based on the customer environment and provide the data at real time to the suppliers. This will reduce the redundant effort required to provide these details to the supplier. The chatbot can be trained further for the entire P2P cycle and guide suppliers with RFP or any other processes. The chatbot can be extended to the employees associated with the procurement processes also to help them in getting the details at real time using a friendly UI, hosted on any of the collaboration solutions, thus removing the need to log in to multiple systems for the details

• Status of Invoice: This will show you status of your invoices.
• Payment Advice: Enables you to view the details of payment with option to download the payment advices
• Bank Ref/UTR details: Enables you to view the Bank Ref/UTR number of your past payments
• Mapped email Ids: Displays the email ids registered with HZL for your supplier code
• Reason for Rejection/Exception: Provides the details of exception/rejection and contact person with whom you can connect for any clarifications.
• Debit Note Download: Allows you to download the debit note
• Non-PO Invoice Status: Display status of all invoices raised without reference of PO in last 06 months
• Ret/SD Release: Display details of any retention payments released over last 06 months
• Advance Payments: Display details of any advance payments made over last 06 months
• More Help: Provides an interactive help document.

DGTL Intelligent WhatsApp integrated AI Chatbot Solution for One of the Leading Manufacturing Company

In the account payables process, there are various levels of interaction which a supplier does with organizations. Most of these interactions are limited to knowing the status of invoices, status of orders, inventory cycle. Organizations have to invest into dedicated team members(s) to cater to these business calls. Some of the features of the  chatbot  include: Status of Invoice, Payment Advice, Bank Ref/UTR details, Mapped email IDs, Reason for Rejection/Exception, Debit Note Download, Non-PO Invoice Status, Ret/SD Release, Advance Payments and More Help


Case Study: 2

Conversational CX Platform: Text
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