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Yellow.ai : The World’s Leading Conversational CX Platform

Self-serve 70% queries, improve CSAT by 20% & increase sales by 
$10 million/year




We are delighted to announce our partnership with the world's leading CX Automation Platform- Yellow Messenger.

DGTL & Yellow.ai are AI Tech partners offering a modular AI-powered approach on cognitive engagement cloud utilized in various aspects of marketing, customer service, with the conversational channel of their choice.

With bringing AI+ Human capabilities, an integrated customer experience is delivered, gaining prominence across banks' operations. Supercharging the entire customers' journey digitally - from lead capture, acquisitions, customer support, and upsells. 


Step up with the World Class CX platform

Build Emotionally Intelligent Assistants

  With yellow.ai’s user-friendly no-code platform, the user’s personality, context, and sentiment can be understood, and the response can be given with empathy, even with complex conversations ,with less training data.

Best AI and human Intelligence

Every conversation is made better by enabling agents and virtual assistants to work hand-in-hand , offering recommendations , validating predictions and so on.

Campaign management

Your agents and marketers can map customer journeys and reach out to your customers proactively with engagement at the right time and at the right place.

 Smart Analytics

 You can get deeper insights into your business with yellow.ai’s smart analytics dashboard with also helps understand user sentiments, also questions patterns that help make important business decisions.


Be Omnichannel with your customers!



 Use the chatbot automation on 35+ channels – Website, Apps, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, email, messaging, and many more, thus delivering better customer experiences.



Build voice automation workflows across IVR, that are inbound and outbound using apps like Google Assistants, Alexa, and many more.



In todays’ fast-paced world, having conversational channels like WhatsApp, web, App, Alexa, Facebook; we have no other choice but to transform their customer experience to Omnichannel, intelligent, personalized, and complete customer experience.

64% of the worlds’ population, the largest global consumer base is the current generation. They are highly social, mobile, and also self-reliant.

Customer Support

 With AI- Chatbot, you can resolve your customers’ queries without making them wait. Also with added advantages like no language bar, round the clock service, text or voice- whichever is convenient. With this chatbot you can serve more than 70% of the queries seamlessly. Agents can be looped in when complex queries arise.

 Conversational Commerce

 With conversational virtual assistants, you can engage your customers across the globe using text and voice, leading to quicker conversations, higher CSAT, and long-lasting loyal customers.

HR Automation

 With yellow messenger's digital technology and support, the employees can improve the quality of work by putting off repetitive tasks like payroll management , tax calculation for the bots to manage it. Hence bringing in efficiency in organizational processes and improving the capacity to support customers.

AI Driven ITSM Automation

 With yellow.ai’s conversational voice and text AI-led ITSM Automation, you can resolve customers' queries quicker and streamline the ticketing as well.

Customer Engagement

 Engaging your customers from anywhere, anytime across different channels with multiple language options with campaign automation. This will help boost revenue have will help you control the whole customer journey.


Power your customer journey with the New CX automation Technology

Robust NLP(Natural Language Processing)

 With a highly efficient NLP Engine, looping in self-learning and sentence embeddings, your bots become language–intelligent, ensuring high accuracy.

Chatbot’s self-learning technology

 Crunching millions of anonymous conversations across the platform, they improve predictions with time, ensuring better conversations in the future.

Make your IVAs Smart

Yellow Messenger's smart platform connects the knowledge base and the past conversations to train the bot, thus decreasing the time to go live.

Multilingual conversations

Once the yellow.ai’s bots are trained in English, they start self-learning and understanding queries in 100+ languages, without any extra pieces of training.


 Result of implementing Yellow.ai 

  • Helped reduce the operational cost by 80% for the largest Insurer in the world.

  • Cost-saving of $5B ie $250 per month for a waste management company.

  • Revenue addition of $100 million in 3years for one of the Finserv companies which are really fast-growing.

  • Reduced resolution time of one of the largest QSR by 70%.

  • Facilitated $10M sales within 1st week of operation for a $40 Billion Entity.