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Amplify your reach with custom digital marketing solutions

Omit the toughest online marketing challenges with Digital Marketing  

One of the best ways to grow your business over time is to opt for effective digital marketing services. DGTL has the dash and dedication for curating custom marketing service endeavors. For the implementation of an effective marketing campaign, you will need strategic planning and continued optimization to acquire visible results.  


As a trusted digital partner, we conduct a data-driven digital competitive analysis of your website and competitors. Whether it is about improving your site ranking, PPC performance, or generating quality leads to social growth, we optimize content, creatives and UI/UX to reach more of your targeted audience through apt digital channels. Deploying an appropriate plan for online marketing will help you generate valuable leads.  

Branding Services  

Our dedicated team of experts utilize modern technology to fine-tune your brand image. Creating a successful digital strategy for accelerating your business growth and fetching new leads. The fusion of internet branding and digital marketing will help in developing a brand over a wide array of digital venues.  Right from ideation to execution, we work dedicatedly for the development of your authentic brand image that improves reputation and loyalty in your niche market. 

Social Media Marketing  

Our marketers curate custom social media strategies to expand your reach, improve your web presence, increase traffic and enhance your brand image. You will be offered a customized solution that will include social media management, insights on ROI tracking and optimizing your creatives and content on different social media platforms. Not just that, we create inbound marketing campaigns that will increase followers in addition to generating potential leads and converting sales. With our creative strategies, tactics and approaches, we link KPIs to make an impactful social conversation.

What we offer

Email Marketing Campaigns 

Powered with AI tools, marketing automation, landing pages and more, we set up email marketing campaigns to reach your audience and attract new customers. Not only this, we create successful e-mail templates. Building a successful subscriber list with forms and other features needed for a successful campaign. We make use of the effective tools for your email marketing campaign that will further let you test, measure and optimize your campaign. Creating a bulk marketing strategy for meeting your business requirements, the campaigns are tracked to monitor their performance. 

YouTube Marketing 

Our experienced marketing experts will be setting up your video on YT for better exposure. From driving more views to creating high-quality and optimized content, we help your channel for better branding on YouTube. Creating highly actionable content will result in more exposure and followers with better engagement, building brand value and social trust. Monetization will become easier through YouTube SEO, generating keywords and titles, video promotion in addition to monthly reporting. 

Advertisement Services

(all social media platforms) 

Our experts work on creating ad campaigns and sponsored content via Google Ads, Meta, LinkedIn and Twitter to share on all social media platforms. The campaign management is done with an effective custom strategy by optimizing your content to be shareable on all social media platforms. Our PPC marketing experts will ensure your ad campaigns by refining target audience, abiding by the social media guidelines, cost-per-view bidding process and choosing the apt ad format meeting your needs. Through effective ad campaigns, we also cover displat ads, sponsored stories and posts. 

LinkedIn Marketing  

Creating strategies that allow you to connect and find prospects more naturally. Determining the buyer persona, we craft the strategy. Leveraging LinkedIn's ads and marketing tool, we offer sponsored contents to reach higher targeted audience. Use of inmailer and sponsored message by creating persolizaed content to a better CTA. Lead generation forms could help in direct connect with professionals to learn more about your brand. 

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